DescriptoAI is a Shopify app that uses AI to generate rich and SEO-optimized product descriptions to help your products rank higher and your customers more easily understand your products. We generate product descriptions based on keywords you provide, or we can just pull from your product's tags.

Choose from 3-5 descriptions based on the plan you choose and edit them along the way if you like. Generate a description for an individual product or bulk generate for multiple products at a time. Our app is a game-changer for online store owners, who know the importance of creating unique and persuasive product descriptions to attract and convert customers.

Generate descriptions

Generate 3-5 descriptions based on the plan you choose. Once you find the description you like, you can choose to edit it yourself before saving.

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Add keywords

Adding keywords to describe your product helps us generate richer descriptions. By default, we use your product's tags. Easily edit these keywords and add as many as you like.

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Bulk Generate Product Descriptions

Easily generate bulk product descriptions with the same full suite of features as the individual description generator.

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